Dreams 21

The happiest place on Earth? 

Everyone has a different perspective. Perhaps your dream is wilderness, luxury, hiking the mountains, be a dancer, a president, a painter. All of these things rolled up into one? Personally, the Kalahari Desert - of which so far I've only seen documentaries - is high on my list.

Do you want to be a freelance writer? 

Do you want to complement your income from freelance writing by creating tiny little businesses on the side?   Cool.  I think you're in the right place.  The idea of living your dream is not that hard to understand and embrace. The difficult part is making it happen.  There are many broken dreams by the wayside. Many more never made it beyond the brain cells that hatched them. Do you want to BE a writer, but fail less than others do?  You are ahead of the curve. More and more people realize what is important in their life cannot be bought - in most cases. Smart move for getting this far. I think my blog can help. I don't just blog about this stuff  - blogging is part of my dream, but the dream itself is bigger than that. I’m in the trenches each day DOING what I write. I spend 100% of my time on my dream. Talk about the importance of choosing your dream! Myriad dreams out there - choose well. When your dream is clear, many decisions are already made. If you believe you're a good fit, then I challenge you to make your dreams happen. I invite you to join the ranks of those who commit to their dream. Inside you will have access to free resources. There’s an initial bonus - just for subscribing. All skill levels are welcome to apply - even if you're completely new to this stuff. Your current situation is not important. You get personal access to me. If you have the mindset, this can be done. No monthly fee or obligation - neither is required.  [The unsubscribe button always just a click away]. I do demand a handshake though, be it electronic. Because I love to know who I am blogging with and for. Don't we all?